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The 2016 Budget Report

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16 May FSB outlines 'urgent steps' businesses should take to protect against cyber-attacks
15 May Businesses urged to create 'more inclusive workplaces'
12 May UK businesses impeded by mobile 'not-spots', BCC reveals
11 May 'Brexit funding gap' poses threat to small businesses, report warns
10 May UK workers set to experience fall in real wages, analysis suggests
09 May Significant rise in business confidence, ICAEW reveals
08 May Avoid hitting self-employed with extra costs, warns FSB
05 May TUC report suggests workers' rights 'at risk' after Brexit
04 May Paper £5 notes set to be demonetised
03 May Businesses warn General Election 'must not be about Brexit alone'

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Reuters World News:

EU wants May to make firm offers now for Brexit deal - Barnier
Fearing far-right surge, Merkel tells Germans to vote on Sunday
Exclusive - Turkey to deploy troops inside Syria's Idlib: Erdogan
Trump orders new sanctions to tighten screws on North Korea nuclear program
Mexico rescuers in race to find trapped survivors 48 hours after quake
Hurricane Maria floods Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico
Myanmar protesters try to block aid shipment to Muslim Rohingya
France's National Front number two quits; far-right opposition in turmoil
South Korea approves aid to North Korea, North calls Trump 'barking dog'
Istanbul's Ataturk airport closed after jet crashes on runway - Dogan

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